Strategic Doctrines

Doctrines that are flown in Minmatar Fleet Alliance fleets and are available on alliance contracts.

Doctrine Name Tag Fittings Actions
Flyclones High Projection Large Fleet [ADV-30] Scimitar [NVY-30] Cyclone Fleet Issue [ADV-30] Huginn [ADV-30] Lachesis [ADV-30] Claymore View
TFIs Low Projection High Projection Large Fleet [ADV-30] Tempest Fleet Issue [ADV-30] Vindicator [ADV-30] Scorpion [ADV-30] Nestor [ADV-30] Armageddon [ADV-30] Guardian [ADV-30] Devoter [ADV-30] Bhaalgorn [ADV-30] Tempest [ADV-30] Damnation [ADV-30] Zarmazd [ADV-30] Eos [ADV-30] TFI Refit View
Sleipnirs High Projection Large Fleet [ADV-30] Huginn [ADV-30] Lachesis [ADV-30] Claymore [ADV-30] Curse [ADV-30] Basilisk [ADV-30] Sleipnir [NVY-30] Hurricane Fleet Issue View
Armor T3Cs High Projection Large Fleet [ADV-30] DPS Proteus [ADV-30] 3X Proteus [ADV-30] Logi Legion [ADV-30] DPS Legion [ADV-30] 3X Legion [ADV-30] Logi Proteus [ADV-30] Web Loki View
Skirmish Doctrines

Doctrines that are flown in militia by Minmatar Fleet Alliance fleet commanders and are available on public contracts.

Name Tag Fittings Actions
PROJEQS High Projection Large Fleet Easy to FC [NVY-30] Exequror Navy Issue [NVY-30] Exequror [NVY-30] Celestis [ADV-30] 2X Pontifex [ADV-30] 2X Magus View
HAMSPAM Low Projection Large Fleet Easy to FC [NVY-5] Scythe [ADV-5] Stiletto [NVY-5] Slasher [NVY-30] Osprey Navy Issue [NVY-30] Osprey [ADV-30] 2X Stork [ADV-30] 2X Bifrost View
Retris Low Projection Small Gang Large Fleet Easy to FC [ADV-30] 2X Pontifex [ADV-30] 2X Magus [ADV-30] 0X Pontifex [ADV-30] 0X Magus [ADV-30] Deacon [ADV-30] Retribution View